The PLAY and NICE in the title are capitalized because they are acronyms. PLAY represents a four-step model to prevent conflict when possible, and NICE gives a four-step model to resolve differences with others. Play Nice in Your Sandbox at Church is divided into two major portions covering eight sections. The first four sections comprise the PLAY chapters, where readers learn how to prevent needless trivial matters from escalating into situations they neither want nor need. In sections five through eight, readers gain the knowledge and skill to help them resolve significant differences they are bound to have with others from time-to-time. Within Play Nice in Your Sandbox at Church, there is a CHAPTER CHALLENGE at the end of each chapter to help readers implement the information they’ve learned throughout.

Inviting Ron to come speak to your congregation will equip members with the knowledge and skills needed to help each other stay focused on their mission, rather than get sidetracked with interpersonal squabbles. With a mix of humor, information, and exercises, your church family will go away feeling empowered to appl what they’ve learned to fellow members and all others they come in contact with.

Most people say they dread conflict, yet none of us get to go through life without it occurring from time-to-time. Conflict need not be fearful if you know how to prevent and/or resolve it productively.

And, that’s where I come in. I help individuals and companies learn how to PLAY NICE in God’s Sandbox. This 24-lesson online course gives tools, tips, and techniques to prevent minor conflicts from stealing your time, energy, and resources towards discipleship in this world. It also equips members to resolve conflict that must be addressed for the overall good of the individuals or faith-based organization.