• Equip your team to talk to and with each other, rather than at one another.
  • Stop conflict before it stops your important work.
  • Keep conflict in its rightful place.
  • Resolve conflict for great progress.
  • Learn to handle conflict with confidence not dread.
  • Let conflict work for you – not against you.


A series of twelve videos designed & recorded specifically for your staff or congregation.
$ 2500 + $50 per/ participant
  • 60 pre-recorded videos
  • Customized notebook & worksheets
  • One book per participant
  • Monthly tips and resources
  • 6 customized PPT video presentations
  • Opportunity to select video lessons from 40 skillsets
  • Videos feature your company logo & industry specific illustrations
  • 1 Promo video
Custom Conflict Resolution Course


Schedule an exploratory conversation.

Design a customized plan.

Watch the training videos and implement the exercises.

Enjoy a happier and more productive workforce.

Need to take a look at each conflict resolution course, side-by-side? Compare all three together!

custom conflict resolution course

RON'S CUSTOM Conflict Resolution Course

For over 30 years I have put myself between people who are at odds with each other. If that doesn’t tell you I’m a sick man I don’t know what will.

But it has been my great joy over the years to help people view their conflict in a different light, and more often than not reach an amicable resolution. 

Does your team need some help with current conflict or preventing future conflict but you’re not sure which plan is right for you? Let’s chat so I can help you decide! 

“Mr. Price provides the skills and techniques necessary to not only have the conversations you need to have, but to ensure they are authentic, productive, and don’t raise the stress level of the participants. The bottom line is it comes down to productive communication. Ron provides a great program to equip people with the tools they need to become better communicators.”


All organizations experience poor communication and conflict among members from time to time. It’s inevitable; we’re all human, after all! These problems can lead to poor morale, lower productivity, higher turnover – to mention just a few. However, while miscommunications and conflict situations are inevitable, they need not negatively impact your workplace or church atmosphere.